Out Of Sync


We all sometimes get out of sync with the world around us. It's an interesting process to observe; when it begins, how it unfolds, and when the person finally manages to "sync" with the rest.

Being out of sync, for me, is a period of time when we don't feel like we're in the right place, with the right people, doing the right things. Of course, we might be feeling bad due to a variety of reasons, but being out of sync means not "clicking" with what we clicked with before. Think a digital clock syncing with a central server. Correcting the course, getting back into the flow.

Nobody is perfectly synced with the world. But we can clearly see who is more out of sync. When every little thing bugs you, you can't take a negative comment, or you feel like nothing gives you joy, something is not right. And it might just a slight out of sync issue.

Finding the thing that syncs you back with your rhythm is incredibly important. The thing that keeps you on your track. For me, there are three things: music (helps me settle down mentally), writing (makes me through out all the stuff that caused the unsync), and talking to someone, on a deeper level (reminds me that there are more perspectives on life than the one I have). And this always works, no matter how much I am out of sync.

Noticing when you're out of sync is only possible when you try to see your thoughts and behaviors from a third person perspective. Try that, talk with someone, and see the issue. And sync.

A life lived out of sync is a life of misery.

[Synchronization finished at 22:45:12, all systems working]

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