Lock Down


Welp, here we are again...

Today our PM announced new restrictions, which pretty much resemble the ones from Spring. They're a bit lighter, since they really really want to avoid another economic crash, but still. High schools, universities, gyms, museums etc. are closed. No weddings from the 19th. There are limits on the number of people in shops, churches. Masks are now mandatory everywhere in public, even on the street.

A lockdown, again. Ugh. We could have avoided this, but we traded responsibility for easiness. How human. It's gonna be tough, no doubt. It will be tough for all the students scrambling to study remotely, it will be tough for all the older people worrying about simple things as shopping, it will be tough for small business owners. But we'll get through it, as we always do. Poland has been through much worse than this, yet we always survived. Just have to keep that in mind while we enter the dark days of winter, in lockdown.

Lock down the country? Sure. Lock down our hearts? Never.

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