Could It All End Now?


One thing I like to think about from time to time is: could it all end now? Would I be satisfied with the life I lived up until now? Could I just go away? End the story at this particular point?

The answer is almost always yes. I don't know, but for most of my (pretty short so far) life, I've always felt I had to do more. In all aspects of life, holistically. Maybe that's because I'm young, aspiring, wanting to achieve something meaningful. Or maybe it's just the default expansionist mode kicking in.

Lately, I've started to appreciate that I have enough. That I've done enough. Of course, more could be done. The story can continue. But, if it would have to end now, it wouldn't be a bad one.

This realization makes life so much easier. It removes a whole shitload of pressure from someone. Allows to truly life stress-free, but also enjoy new things more deeply.

So, from time to time, this little monkey in my brain asks me this silly question: could it all end now?

It has to, some day.

Yet, it seems, no story ever ends.

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