Entertaining & Interesting


I wish every single post on this blog was truly interesting and truly entertaining. I wish that each one would leave a similar impression: wow, I haven't thought about this before! on the readers. I wish...

I tried writing posts one day ahead: so that today I was writing the post for tomorrow, and so on. But somehow I felt that this diminished the "raw" factor. I do have one or two pre-written posts, which I'll publish if I truly won't be able to write one particular day. Kind of an emergency backup.

And yes, I of course gather a lot of the ideas I encounter through reading, listening, watching. Thousands of book highlights, tens of thousands of links, and a couple hundred solid notes. But, all of these ideas are not mine. They're from someone else; all I can do is blatantly copy them and give them my "style". Ugh.

I like ideas that are original. In the sense that they popped into my head, just like this, pop. That they were mine, in a sense. Of course, all the knowledge I posses came from the world - the little truly original thinking is nothing than a blip compared to the rest. Yet, it's the place where I like to go to, for these posts and for other creations.

But, not every day of my life is inspiring and entertaining. Not every "original" thought is.

So, not every post will, too.

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