No Pursuit


Quite a few of us seem to be constantly pursuing something. It may be happiness, fulfillment, redemption, balance (haha!), pleasure, success, and practically everything else. Constantly working towards that projected "state" - inching closer day by day.

What if, for a while, we didn't pursue anything? Only pursuing existence itself? Would that even be a pursuit if its after something already there?

Step down from the treadmill. Sure - you want to be happy - so you pursue happiness - that's great. I applaud and support you.

A life built around a constant struggle, in this case, for more, is not a happy life. Yes, struggles do come in all shapes and sizes, but, putting oneself in a struggle intentionally is just adding extra weight.

Oh, and fun fact - the thing you're pursuing probably doesn't exist. Most likely, it's a projection of yours impossible to occur in the real world.

If you drive too fast, you might miss the turn called "life".

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