Immediacy Kills


In today's world, everything, or almost everything has to be immediate. You can get whatever you want with 1-day shipping, travel the entire world in a matter of hours, get matched with a date in seconds. The time it takes between posting a request, a decision, a thought, and its execution is shorter than ever before.

We seem to expect quick success, easy money, high-speed travel, falling in love on a first date, making the right decision without much deliberation. Everything has to be now.

I'll admit: immediacy is killing me. It is one of worst flaws; the urge to get things now. So many great things have been ruined by that. By the fact that I could not wait. Frankly, it's much easier to rush than wait.

It's a slow process, but I'm slowly learning to wait. It took me a while to figure out that this is even happening; that immediacy can kill. It's one of those things one cannot notice without gaining perspective.

Patient waiting is a truly beautiful art. It allows things to play out naturally, with grace.

Don't run; it's easy to trip.

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