The First Rule


This is issue #5 of my old newsletter, INSFB. In it, I talked about establishing 'rules for life' - foundational principles for my thoughts and actions. This one was published in August 2019. Enjoy!

Right, time for the real meat. Time to stop rambling about the duality and imperfectness of rules. Time to create something so incredibly smart and forward-thinking. Time to build the First Rule of My Life.

But it ain't anything new. Or groundbreaking.

My first rule is:

Treat yourself at the same time as your greatest friend and your greatest enemy.

It is hard to determine how should you react to your own unconcious decision and actions. Should you be hard on yourself for eating those cookies last night? You didn't really want to eat them. It was a habit. An action that has not been processed by the thinking mind before it was executed. Our life is made up of hundreds of these little actions. 

But, really, should I punish myself for that? I theoretically could stop that action, could I?

Or, a few weeks ago, I was babysitting my sister. We were playing on the porch, and she fell. I could've caught her, I was just behind her. But I didn't. In a normal situation, I would've. But, that day, I didn't sleep well, and my reflex was way slower than normal. Should I punish myself for that?

did let my sister fall and hurt herself. I was there. Was I?

I should treat myself as my greatest friend, because love and confidence move us forward.

I should treat myself as my greatest enemy, because laziness and complaning keep us behind.

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