Finding Peace


Hey! This is issue #2 of my old newsletter. I know it is a bit rambly, but I hope you'll enjoy it either way!

Peace, as in the feeling that fills your world, head, and heart.

We're often, if not always, driven by a few very strong emotions.

Our hearts and minds are littered all the time with piles of stress, anger, regret, and all other negative emotions. We're addicted to them, so it seems. All that junk is taking up our mental space. Peace is the best antidote to that.

When peace is, love flourishes, and when love is flourishing, life grows.

The greatest piece of knowledge one can posses is understanding and embracing peace.

I believe in peace. It's based on my faith. All the bad emotions don't have any resonance. They're not "gone". They're here, with me, in me, all the time. I'm at peace with them. I embrace them.

In a sense The Balance is what I already have.

One of my dearest friends wrote

"The search is balance"

Life is balance. This world is built on balance. As long as it exists, there's balance.

Building a system

My actions are not always coherent with my thoughts. I don't consider that something necessarily bad, but I think it could be improved. What I'm seeking here is building a concrete, written down set of rules that I can fall back on. I feel deep inside that I need to build one myself.

There are many sets of rules. There's The Bible, Tao Te Ching, and others. There are laws, guides, moral statements. All of them posses powerful knowledge. I need to synthesize that knowledge and build something that fits me.

While everyone's core values should always be based on love, mercy, and peace, actual rules should differ. We're all significantly different in the way we act.

Now, I should explain what I mean by rules;

- Actual processes that be easily applied without extra thinking - "algorithms"

- If X happens, I do Y, Z & B, while asking my family to do F

- They should be constructed out of building blocks - that could be easily stacked together to create a formula

- They should be designed for the worst scenarios - when a lot of emotions kick in, there needs to be more control

My goal is not to prepare for everything. I can only prepare for the situations that have either happened in the past, or that I can imagine/project thoroughly.

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