Probing Your Capacities


I've recently delved into the topic of internal capacities. A concept of how much of something we can internally handle.

We all have limits. Sometimes we wish we didn't have them, but, in the end, we do. Some of us can't spend much time with other people. Others get overwhelmed by their senses easily. Some have stronger bodies, some do not.

There are tens of different capacities we have all at the same time. We all get a quite similar amount of "energy" sent into our "batteries" every day. It's just that it doesn't always fit into the right ones. The limit gets reached, a breakdown incurs.

Probing and understanding how much can you truly handle is incredibly important. An important step in knowing yourself better. If you do know your capacities pretty well, then you can engage in certain activities more fully, knowing that they fit your profile better.

It's also incredibly important to try to understand the capacities of others. Knowing when your friend needs a break from the party, or when your significant other needs some mental stretching help building better relationships.

Know your strengths by knowing your limits.

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