Cyclical Life


The longer I live here on this planet, the more I'm starting to believe that almost everything in life is cyclical. That both our own selves, and the natural world around us are constantly going in cycles, revolving around a not-so-clearly defined center.

It's this rotational energy that propels the world forward; it makes us move forward on the timeline. Time ruthlessly move forward every second, while we wander around in circles, always going back to the starting point.

But is it, truly, always the same starting point?

I don't think so. Even when we come back to the same conclusions, to the same emotions after a journey (in time, space, mind, soul), we're always in a different place. Because we've learned a lot. We went places. We have a different outlook on the world after doing something.

After day comes night, after summer comes fall, after success comes failure, and after a breakthrough comes monotony.

By cherishing the cycles, we keep moving.

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