An Unnerving Thought


In my search for balance, I've been coming back many times to the where, or rather, when, are you living?. Technically, we all live in the present. Yet so many of us spend time constantly re-living events from the past, or hypothesizing about things that might happen in the future. We rarely even notice this, to our dismay.

There's nothing wrong in dreaming about the future sometimes. Or intensely thinking about our memories from the past, sometimes. But there's a lot of wrong in doing that too often.

Because that means one, simple thing: our own present is not satisfying enough. The things around us, the people we have on our side, our daily routines etc. are not interesting enough for our monkey brain to focus on them. That's when we, often unconsciously, escape to a different time & place. Constantly worrying & planning for the future. Trying to figure out how things would go differently if we didn't make that one decision a few years ago.

For me, that little thought is a bit unnerving. At least when I notice I'm spending too much time not in the present. It's like this little reminder that not everything is as good as it looks. That maybe I'm indulged too much in my own ego, not seeing things clearly.

There's this one line in Westworld, the HBO show: Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?. To even think such thoughts is unnerving to some. But it's also eye-opening.

As it should be.

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