The Peaks, The Valleys


Writing daily has been a perfect, long-term measurement of my daily creativity levels. Because I can look back on a) how good particular posts are, and b) how hard was it to write them, I can quite accurately judge my "level of creativity".

That's a relative term within itself, of course. But, more or less, a level has always been there, no matter how low or how high. So the measurement is more valid than it is not.

I see some pretty "normal" trends: I write the worst posts when either too much was happening one particular day, or too little was happening. In the first case, I simply didn't have time to formulate my thoughts clearly enough. So they came out mumbled, not explained well. In the second case though, it is usually the cause of having too much time and procrastinating, but also not finding interesting things around me to write about.

See, this blog is built on observations. Things I see, process, analyze, make an opinion on. I try to avoid directly writing about "external" ideas that I just encountered. Of course, I Steal Like An Artist whenever I can. But still, I want mos of the ideas presented here to be "mine", in the widest sense of that word.

Sometimes there are prolonged lows. When there's a life event happening. Or I'm overflowing with work. Or a global pandemic is happening, haha. But, somehow, I always get out of them.

At this point I even stopped considering not continuing the blog. During the first year, once every 40 posts or so, I thought: maybe now is the time to end this? I haven't thought about that in a few solid months. Phew.

I continue to write, mumble, rather. Through the valleys, through the peaks.

Looking for balance along the way.

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