What's Left


Shrek said that ogres are like onions; made of layers.

Humans are also like that.

There's the core, the soul, the essence. However you want to call it. It's the thing that guarantees your humanity. And everything that comes with it.

Then there are layers.

Of beliefs. Sometimes built on experience, but mostly not. Opinions, myths, projections, tales. They're strong. But once you learn how to treat them, all of them go the same way.

Layers of scars. So many scars. Scar tissue is stronger than regular skin, so they're particularly hard to get through. Sometimes they seem to be like a hard shell. Unbreakable.

There are also layers of memories. They're soft, easy to get through. At least they feel easy. Each one is different, yet all of them look the same.

So many layers of feelings. They're vague. You don't know where the first one starts and the last one ends. Sometimes they don't even feel real. Or maybe they're not layers on their own, just residue from the other ones.

What's left when you peel all of them, all the layers?

Time to find out.

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