We're all waiting for something in life. Some resolution. Some progress. Some change. Waiting, expecting, hoping for.

There's certainly one thing that unites all of us in this process of waiting; death. We're all, in a sense, waiting for it. It's looming, somewhere in the distance. Surely, it's far away for most of us. But it's there. Practically, the only thing that is guaranteed for all of us, equally.

I feel like we're all united in waiting for another thing now. The end of Covid. Everybody is saying: once we get back to normal. Once it's safe to travel. Once we can meet up in person.

That's weird, isn't it? We haven't had to wait for something of this magnitude in a long time. Our grandparents waited for the war to end. My Polish grandparents and parents waited for communism to end. But it still wasn't such a universally big deal.

Awaiting things to come is in our nature. Yet we can't seem to learn how to do it well. Always want to jump to the next step, have everything here and now. Patience is a powerful force. And, truly, it is our only universal savior. Hope and action certainly help, but it is patience and respect that build.

Wait to be blessed.

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