Talk It Through


Decision-making is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of mental clarity and decisiveness to make good (or at least conscious) decisions. Not one teaches us that at school, nor are there many well-written guidebooks on this. We usually learn this through painful practice.

I've written many, many times on this blog about the art of making a decision; it's something I'm deeply interested in, yet still learning the basics.

Today's idea is this: Talk everything through, even with just yourself.

I find saying things out loud, even just to myself, very useful. If an idea I have is bad, it'll sound so when said out loud. When something needs more polish, it'll be easy to catch that. On the other hand, if an idea has really formed well inside of my brain, I'll be able to communicate it swiftly and reasonably, no matter the circumstances.

Of course, whenever possible, I try to talk through my ideas with another person. The don't even have to be a good listener or feedback-giver. Often times, it's just their presence that makes me think more constructively about my ideas and thoughts.

So, don't freak out when you see me walking around my lawn and speaking out loud like a lunatic.

Let's all be lunatics sometimes. For a wiser world.

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