We're All In This Together


Let's be totally honest: It's hard right now. No matter who you are, what you do and how you live, things are different. At least some aspects of your life have been impacted.

And it will continue to be harder for a while. The economic fallout of this situation might linger for years, and we'll all be impacted in some way.

As with every single thing on Earth, there are a few positive things caused by the pandemic.

There's one that I'm specifically interested in:

The shredding of individualism.

This situation is requiring an immense level of cooperation - mostly in a non-physical way. But still, we have to work together to solve this. Even by just respecting others through staying at home and slowing down the spread. The only way get out of this is by tru cooperation, togetherness, collectivism.

Don't get we wrong; I still think that personal independence and freedom are crucial to a good life. Hell, I do consider myself a fiercely independent person most of the time (probaly more often than I should). But, ultimately, as with this pandemic, the true solutions to our problems lie in cooperation.

Effective interdependence can only be built on true independence. - Stephen Covey, 7 Habits

When we'll start realizing that we have to shred our ego, our desire for more, and our undying need for external validation, we will start solving this crisis.

I do think that this process has already started, but to really succeed in fighting the virus, every single one of us has to re-calibrate his/her values, and shred the menace that individualism is.

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