Baking Your Own Bread


One very interesting thing I see people started doing during the pandemic is baking your own bread. For some reason, while being locked down at home, baking bread is suddenly a popular activity. Not that I think it's a bad hobby - we've been baking our own bread for months now in my household.

This has made me think of an anology.

See, in the Western kitchen, bread is consider basic. It's considered "commonfood" by everyone. It's cheap, it's pretty easy to make, lasts a few days, doesn't require refregiation, what else could you want?

What's the bread of your life? What is something truly basic, truly common, that you don't have control over? But you'd like to? Why can't you start baking your own bread? Gaining control over the basics of your life?

For me, and probably for most people, the "bread" are habits. They are those tiny little actions that make up most of our lives. They're the true basics. The true "commonfood" of the brain.

Find your bread. Learn how to bake it yourself. And most importantly, don't be worried when you burn it the first few times.

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