New Normal


Things are supposedly coming back to what they were before the pandemic; reopening is well underway in my home country and all around the world.

I am dealing with to conflicting feelings in this weird (maybe even weirder than 2 months ago) period. On one hand, I am really, really glad that I can slowly start enjoying the magic of social life: working from a coffeeshop, inviting my friends over for a game night etc. By having those things taken away for a substantial amount of time, I'm enjoying them now more than ever, with zero to none social anxiety - which wasn't the case in February.

But some part of me still thinks this isn't over. Cases are still going up every single day, people are still dying, and no vaccine has entered mass production. This isn't normal, right?

Things are not going to be back to normal. Normality has been redefined by this pandemic; our generation is never going to see certain things the same way: international travel, sharing of public space, crisis management, and many more.

There's one clear benefit here: we can influence how the "new normal" is going to look like. 2020 is a year of change. Let's all make sure it is the change we want.

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