You Control You


Oh have I written about this so many times already...

You control you. Or at least the way you react to outside things. This is not a huge revelation; I know. But it's still something we tend to forget over and over. Because, honestly, not letting outside things control you is just not that easy.

What is easy is 'going with the flow' - letting outside events, people, preconceived notions, traditions (what the heck that even means) control ourselves. Taking ownership is never easy, right?

The problem with letting other things control ourselves is that, in the end, we are always the ones suffering the consequences. No one likes getting kicked as a result of somebody else's decision. I'll buy a coffee for anyone who doesn't.

All in all, we should be asking ourselves this question every day:

What can I do right now to lead my life in the direction I want it to go?

There will always be at least one thing.

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