Thanks, Corona


I've been thinking a long time whether I should write this post. Overall, the pandemic has been awful. A lot of people have died, a lot more are going to die. Millions are unemployed. It's bad, and overall, I wish it didn't happen. I am still somewhat worried by the fact that I might contract the disease. This is not fun, by all means.

But, in every tragedy there is a shed of light. For me, personally, a lot of pretty good this have happened. I am grateful for them just as I'm grateful for the fact that I haven't faced much direct negative consequences of the pandemic.

My health has improved. Mentally, I was finally able to deal with some issues that were dragging on. Having a break, a certain reset from society was helpful to say the least. Physically, I finally had time to purposefully exercise every day. And, thankfully, I used that time pretty well.

I had time to build, rebuild, care about certain relationships. My friends became more like friends, not just people around me.

I've talked a lot about taking a break. About zooming out, changing perspective. It's the best thing one can do.

Especially when it lasts so long.

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