Just Being


This is Issue #9 of my old newsletter, published October 2019. Enjoy!

Ok, I admit, I admit...

I am overthinking stuff a little bit.

While I did get rid of many anxieties (caused by overthinking), that plagued and ruined my daily life, there's still some stuff left.

I like the concept of a conscious life, and that's what I'm striving for. That's why I'm writing this newsletter every week, trying to reflect on what I've done, why, and how. 

But, maybe, I'm just trying too hard sometimes.

There have been many moments in my life, where I've felt not present, alone in a distant world of thought and consideration. Many important events and moments simply slipped by. Catching up to reality took time. 

While I had time to consider many very important life topics, create a thorough worldview, define my strengths and weaknesses, I didn't have time to experience, to live

In the past year, I've been really trying (and somewhat succeeding) to be simply present. To just be

I still deeply enjoy time for focus & reflection, give myself at least 30mins daily to "deep-think", and debate on important topics, daily life is just easier now.

Just Being.

The Balance is powerful.

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