Floating In Thoughts


These days, it feels like we're thinking as often as we're breathing; all the time. There is a difference: we have to breathe constantly, but not think constantly. Thoughts can be left alone for some time and nothing bad will happen.

Here's an exercise for ya: set up four different random timers for the day. And when they ring, note down if you're thinking and what you're thinking about. As simple as it gets.

Then repeat that a few days in a row. What you'll most likely see is that you (and most of us) are thinking all the time. Very often about menial, unimportant things. About the past and the future we have no control over.

What if for a while, we'd try floating in our thoughts, instead of processing them.

Floating means not actively holding onto any thought. But also not escaping any thought. Letting our collective mind guide us through the maze that it itself is. Floating, remember? Not running, not enjoying. Just being.

So healthy, so detoxing. Feels like letting go of some poisonous baggage.

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