Every couple of months I move the furniture in the places I spend most time in. I've been doing this pretty regularly for the past ~3 years, and it's been a fascinating experience. Every single time I've learned something new.

For example, yesterday I redesigned my work/rest space. Didn't buy anything new, just used what I already had. Maybe that's just a unique trait I have, but whenever I spend time in a physical space, I think about how it works, how I'm interacting with it. And thus, I pretty often have ideas on how to improve things. Yes, I'm that guy that who, when entering a friends house, has a lot of comments about it. Why is this shelf here? If you move it here you'll have a more natural flow. Et cetera...

After each redesign, I get a huge boost. Not just motivation-wise, but a clarity boost. I feel like I interact with the space more intentionally, more clearly. The redesigns are iterative: I note down the things that are not working, and then I redesign the space. Some things stay, some do not. All of that while I'm very rarely adding new stuff. More often just subtracting, removing unnecessary obstacles.

We don't often notice & appreciate the amount of control we have in life. Truly, we can redesign a lot of things. Not just our physical space, but our diet, routines, habits, relationships, communities. All it takes is a bit of intentionality and willingness to change.

Notice, analyze, redesign.

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