Love What You Have


This is probably the message I've repeated the most on this blog. But it's a hell of an important one.

Today, I've felt this in quite a few ways. I had a terrible nightmare, about loosing something important. Someone, I should say. I get these from time to time, but this one kind of hit differently. It just happened at a particular time. And it reminded me, again and again, to care about my people. To love them whenever I can. My life mission is about serving other people, so that's what I should be doing, at least every day.

But it's also important to care and love yourself. It's easy to focus on other while loosing track of one's own health, mental and physical. I've kind of disregarded my health in the past few weeks. All I cared about was "going back to normal", and having a speedy recovery. And I recovered too fast, and everything went down from a certain point. At least I have the medicines I need now. Hope I'm not going to be as reckless as I was.

Love your people, love yourself.

Don't dare to forget about that.

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