Two Bad Choices


The pandemic is coming back at full speed here in Poland. We're seeing Case number almost doubling day after day. And it's not because we started doing more tests (percentage-wise), we're doing as few as we've been doing before.

Most places have reopened by June/July. Even schools and universities opened in September and October, respectively. Although there are some local restrictions being imposed, nothing like the Spring lockdown is currently in place, even in the worst hotspots. People seem to be generally relaxed about all of this. Thankfully, 98% of people are wearing masks indoors in public spaces (excl. schools and universities).

The death rate hasn't gone up that much, but it's still up. Of course, mostly older people are dying. But still, it's a terrible thing to happen.

This beautiful dream of going back to normal is extremely attractive to all of us. We want this to be over, and when it seems like it is, we immediately start falling back into the old habits. It's so easy to ignore what's happening in the background; we've all gotten very good at forgetting about it.

We are now at the moment where we have to choose; either go into lockdown and deal with all the downsides of that (there are so many), or continue going with minor restrictions, like Sweden has been doing since the beginning. And let people die, can't forget about that.

Whenever we're presented with two bad choices, we try to avoid making the decision. Because we know there'll be bad consequences of either one, we want to run.

But we can't. Running away is the third, and the worst choice.

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