Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward


Quite many people truly believe that progress is linear. Always going the same way, at the same speed.

Somehow it's easy to believe that every single step is equal in its impact, and the effort required to make it. Certainly a fun notion to entertain, which, sadly, is not true and misleading.

When we think of progress as linear, we view almost every action as equal; this makes it very easy to focus on the easy, quickly gratifying ones. That simply may lead to us living a less full life. A life of shortcuts, not achievements.

Someone once told me: remember, whenever you take two steps forward, you'll always take a step backward. That is simply how we are, as humans. Imperfect. We are our own worst enemy, and have always been. Whatever we do, especially something bold an innovative, is imperfect. That imperfection has to be accounted for, thus the one step backward.

Life is a dance, a dance of progress, fulfillment, misery and mischief.

A dance so incredibly worth dancing.

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