No Hurdles


We've been growing so fast these past few hundred years. The standard of living in the "developed" (ugh) world is so incredibly high now. We've got everything. Like, absolutely everything needed for our survival and further growth and exploration.

The boomers in the US, and the GenXers here in Poland were the ones with a paved way to success. They had on the one hand incredibly good economic prospects, but also faced some challenges (more in Poland than the US).

What somewhat worries me is that the children of these successful people already have everything at the start. No challenges to overcome, no hurdles to jump over. A life so easy, so unimportant?

Obstacle is the way; the best way we learn is through facing crisis. Through challenge. Yet what can we do when it is absent?

Create artificial challenges?

A little hypothesis I have is that because of this seeming absence of real challenges for kids growing up, there's a pandemic of mental health issues. Maybe we're dependent on them?

Still working this through, as it applies very much to me too.

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