I've been thinking for ages about this one question: is inequality inevitable? Are we bound to the inequalities of this world? Will there always be inequality? Can we simply eradicate it, like a disease?

The answer I've come to is no. Almost everyone you compare, there'll be inequalities among them. Some people will have better, nicer lives. Some people will not. That's just how this world is. Utopia doesn't work, Lenin tried it. We all know how it went. It's impossible to ensure that absolutely every human being has the same quality of the choices they have; not just were they're born, but at absolutely every step of their journey.

Since we can't eradicate inequality, the next thing we can do is simply work towards minimizing it. Or at least eradicating the worst kinds of it; racial, gender and sexual orientation inequality. It bugs me that people who are born in the same country, in the same economic conditions, get worse or better treatment just because of who they are. This are the worst paramount evils of humanity. And it happens all over the world, not just in the US (Americans like to think everything is about them).

Everybody has some privileges. But, the more you have, the more you're obliged to use them to work against inequality. And to shape privileges into commonalities.

Make the word a better place; you'd be grateful if your grandfather did that for you a hundred years ago, would you?

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