Survivor's Guilt


As I shared in my year-end review of 2020, I suffer from survivor's guilt.

Quite a lot of bad things happened. Many people died. Many people lost their jobs, places to live. It was, truly, a year of tragedy. We can never forget about that.

I suppose my privileges played a role in this, but I just thrived this past year. Many things were tough, of course. But, overall, when I look at the "balance sheet" of 2020, there was more good than bad.

I did volunteer quite a lot of time. Helped people who I thought needed help during the pandemic. I truly hope that my work has helped at least one single person.

But, was it all just to make me feel better? Like, I was doing something in crisis times? Or, was it just purely for the sake of help itself, like it should?

Don't know the answer yet. Maybe don't want to find out. All I can do now is create a strong plan for helping and sharing what I have in 2021.

Giving away is part of The Search. Can't forget about that.

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