Two truths went on a walk.

One was right; the other was right too. Both were the truth. Yet, they walked separately.

One slipped up on the icy path; the other helped it get back up. They talked, they argued. Calmly, but confidently.

They both knew best. After all, they were truths; they knew their best.

At one point, their tempo matched up. They started walking in unison. Two wholly separate truths, distinctly unique in their righteousness, walking like one.

To a bystander, their differences seemed unhinging. Incompatible. Like Party A and Party B. Surely, they would never agree on anything.

When they walked, they noticed. Their transient nature. Rooted in ancient powers, but finite in their current rendition.

They realized they were two sides of the same coin. Two hemispheres of the same Earth.

Rejoiced in distinctiveness.

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