Failing Steadily


Failing is a key part of life. We all failed, we will fail. Only thing we can do with this truth is to simply accept it.

For me, accepting and assimilating this truth was a long process. Still don't think I'm truly there. But, with every failure, I'm a little less occupied by its occurrence. Year after year, little more accepting.

A this point my approach is slowly turning into a formulated one. I call it "failing steadily". Not an original concept, for sure. Find it in sports, banking, politics. Wherever. It's not uncommon, mostly because it's the only approach that works.

Every downhill cyclist will tell you: when you fall, do everything to fall correctly. Don't try to stop the fall, that will make things even worse. Brace yourself, try to fall on your side, preferably torso first. Use your hands to absorb the impact.

In life, when you feel that you're failing, simply brace yourself. Say no to things you over committed to. Apologize for any mistakes you've made. Descend into the darkness, with grace. Be ready for the mental struggles that may come, know that problems need time and effort to be solved. After the dip, the only way is up.

Don't trip going down the stairs. Frankly, it's a dumb way to die.

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