A friend of mine once said: oh Alex, you're friends with people from very different circles. At first, I just laughed. But after giving it some though, I realized this is quite true. I do know people from very different, diverse backgrounds - people who don't "bump into each other", even often display deep-rooted animosity towards another.

Yet I'm friends with most of them.

This got me thinking: am I a shapeshifter? A person who does everything to fit in? Throws away their identity, or hides it, for the sake of being accepted in whatever environment they're in?

After all, I don't know anyone who's in a similar position, in the same particular circumstances, as me.

I do have core values, I do have my identity. But maybe they're not enough? Maybe the need for approval and ego grooming is just overwhelmingly controlling my life?

What I've been trying to do lately is extract a person's core from their belief system and environment. Look at their characteristics, not political beliefs. Their strengths, not opinions.

I am so tired of division. So many of us do this. We say we're not, but in truth, we are. Both sides.

So maybe my unique set of friends is a result of my unique approach to people. Still working on this, still far from any satisfying result.

Just see them for who they are.

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