We created art, culture, to be fulfilled. To fill a void created by the mundane lives we live. To talk about the fears, the hopes, bubbling inside of us. Art can help us let go, confront the hardships, express the sorrows. Cultural trends have helped us fit in, solidify our humanity. Find our tribe.

Lately, it seems, culture has shifted from fulfilling needs to creating needs. These days, trends exist often for a materialistic purpose, to make money. Trends exist for the sake of being trendy, solely. They might make money along the way.

"Art" as a concept has shifted from being a companion of humanity to a vehicle of consumption. We are, truly, wired for more. Since our entire modern culture is built on this notion, breaking away is almost an impossible task.

We need to urgently re-wire our culture. Since we cannot sustainably keep growing forever (at least on this planet), going back to the old model, or finding a new one, is our only solution.

A false being cannot be fulfilled.

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