New Soil


Today I had to replant my Pachira Aquatica. I got the tree in November, but during the past couple of weeks the leaves started browning and a few fell off. After a bit of research, I decided that I need to replant it, probably because I overwatered it once, and some of the roots started to rot. It'd die, unless I'd put it in fresh soil, cut the rotten roots. Of course I procrastinated on this, but finally, today I gave my Pachira some fresh, new, beautifully brown soil.

This made me think about replanting in life. Sometimes, we're trying so hard to do something. To grow, to improve. We're reading all the books, trying all the methods, doing all the work. Desperately trying to change. Being mad at ourselves for not being able to change. Or not seeing the effects we want.

Sometimes, we need to replant. Change the soil. Change the environment, the people, the habits, the mindset. A plant with rotten roots won't grow, no matter how much it wants to. Same with humans; in some cases, our current reality may be directly prohibiting us from growing.

Don't be afraid to look for new soil. Let's be grateful there's still some of it left out there.

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