Power Transfers


One thing I've been observing lately is how energy transfers itself from person to person.

We sort of do these transfers all day everyday. Every interaction is a transfer of some sort. The more effort you put into an interaction, the more can be shared. So it's easier to share through interactions that naturally require effort, i.e. real-world vs. online interactions. Typing texts requires much less friction, is much less of a challenge than, let's say, a real-world, person-to-person debate.

Another aspect is empowering versus disenfranchising - whether or not we're giving or taking. Even though I'm strongly against transactional conversations per se, sometimes it is interesting to observe this dynamic.

I've been catching myself lately on occasions where I was taking away - certainly not giving power to the person I was talking with. Sometimes out of frustration, boredom, or, most often, ego, as a privileged white hetero man, it's easy to control and strip power away from others.

All I can do is give. Even when I have nothing left to give from.

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