Don't Stop Pedaling


There's this steep ascent near my house I've been trying to conquer on my bike. It's 510 meters long and goes up 70 meters, which results in 13 percent gradient.

Many times in the past year I cycled near it, but never had the courage to actually go up. But, this week, I decided to face the challenge. By now, I've been there three times. Getting slightly better each time, but still need to stop at least two times on the way. It's excruciating.

The most important tip for anyone going up a steep ascent on a bike is this: never stop pedaling. It's the worst thing you can do. You lose momentum, and starting back up will be much harder than just going on. Even if you have to shift to the lowest gear, don't stop. Otherwise, you'll have to get off your bike.

What a beautiful metaphor of life.

I'll never stop pedaling. Even if my legs fall off.

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