Seth Godin said that tribes are the thing we should be focusing on. In the age of the Internet, we're getting more into labeling each other, but not resonating on a common level.

Tribes can certainly be useful. For example, I'm part of an online community based around tools for thought. It's a tribe of some sort. And I like being part of it. There are definitely common denominators across all the tribe members, but still, in the end, we're all different.

When I hear the term "tribalism", something makes me tick. Tribes mean division. Tribes mean rivalry, enclosure, anti-holism. The path to success leads through unity built on diversity. Not tribalism. Ugh. But, after some more thinking, I started to turn around a bit.

How to build tribes without ignorance?

Just introduce the word reciprocity into common language.

Tribes are how we exist, and how we'll exist for a long time. There's nothing inherently wrong in tribes.

As long as they're humane.

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