This Is My Last Post


Yes, you've read that correctly.

After 683 days of writing daily, I'm done.

For a while now I've felt like I reached a plateau. Like I hit a ceiling. Writing is not my main job, so I can't commit more time daily than I already do. Thus, my writing (if posted daily) won't get any better.

There are many stories I'd still like to tell. Many ideas yet to be told. I'm not stopping writing completely, but just slowing down. I've been building a solid writing workflow on the side, trying to polish my writing. But all of that requires time. I need time to edit, to re-write, to make my writing as good as it can be.

Publishing daily has taught me a lot. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. And for y'all sticking around.

I'll still continue writing. Still going to write daily, but not publish daily. Probably a couple times a month.

Thank you. Let's see where this new journey takes us.

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