Simple sites are amazing

I'm leaving my current job. As part of my off-boarding ceremonies I decided to give people all my contacts so they can find me afterwards.

I could collect all the relevant links and send them in a giant slack message, but that is not great.

Then I remembered about Linktree and all the people online using it to link all their social media. It is a really good product and the idea of a site just for doing link aggregation makes a lot of sense now that our digital life is spread in multiple places. Nobody needs their own website nowadays, but a single page will all the links that other people might want about them is a really useful proposition.

However, for me it makes no sense to pay to use something so simple that I can probably setup something in a few minutes and not mess much more with that for a long time (to be fair, Linktree has a bunch of features, but nothing that makes it worth for me).

Then I started looking on GitHub for Linktree alternatives and found a few ones, some of them were really refreshing on how simple they were, e.g.:

However, I decided I wanted to write my own as a fun exercise. I wanted it to be written in Phoenix so I can also host some LiveView experiments I want to make soon, although for now it will be just a simple page with a few links.

The result you can check out at

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