LOL at the GOP

🇺🇸 "Don't look at Twitter, look at the people in power." I don't entirely agree with that statement. It could be interpreted as ignore the powerful, clear-sighted voices you hear on social media, and instead listen to the boring old men in Washington. The boring old men in Washington, however, will not be in power for very long. The young, powerful, clear-sighted voices you hear on social media, will be the next people in power, especially if they already have your attention. People with a knack for the power of persuasion are, essentially, the people in power.

Unfortunately, some people within the GOP and other political parties currently in power are desperately clinging onto power. They are trying to shut down powerful voices on social media. It's right out of the authoritarian playbook. That's pathetic and unAmerican. I think the leaders of Europe and the rest of the world are intelligent enough to decipher which voices deserve their attention and which ones do not. I believe the leaders of the world make those decisions based on whether they like what they are hearing, and whether they agree with what the new voices are saying. If they like what they are hearing from new voices, they obviously look forward to those new voices being in power. xo

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