Thank You Biden

🇺🇦 President Biden's visit to Ukraine is encouraging. Once again he sent the best possible message to the world at just the right moment. Thank you!

I was a little upset about the State Department's comments on Crimea, calling it Putin's red line. I felt they were giving Russia a sliver of hope. But the president has negated that message with his visit to Ukraine today.

We're happy that Biden's team is getting the messaging right most of the time, but ultimately we need the Biden Administration to get the strategy right and accomplish our goals like securing the Black Sea region. This particular goal, securing the Black Sea region, is crucial to our future stability.

Most Americans have travelled to Europe, and most Europeans have travelled to North America. Most of us are doing business on both continents, many of us have homes on both continents. We consider the whole North Atlantic Treaty Organization area, aka the free world, as our homeland. We expect this whole entire area to be secured, and to remain secure, free and prosperous for eternity. We also wish to expand the free world. We wish for the rest of the world to also be secure, free and prosperous. xo

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