UN Security Council Reforms

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ณ The members of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) refuse to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, so why is Germany trying to get these states permanent seats on the UN Security Council? Is it because Germany desperately wants a permanent seat for themselves? I don't support the UN Security Council reforms Germany is proposing.

The UN Security Council is intended to reflect the current distribution of power and influence in the world, not as you believe it should be, but as it truly is. This is not economic power - China did not have any economic power back then - it is military power. The idea is to prevent a huge world war among the top military powers of the world, which at that time was the nuclear powers, by giving each one a permanent seat and the power to veto. Allowing the top five military powers to veto, ensures that they won't start a war with each other if they disagree with UN Security Council resolutions.

Adding the three BRICS members that are not currently permanent members of the UN Security Council along with Germany, as Germany is proposing, is not going to reflect the current distribution of real power. India is the only one out of the three BRICS members without permanent seats that could be considered a top military power. The other two do not come close, neither does Germany. Germany's reform proposal would simply create several new permanent seats for countries that have refused to condemn an unjust war, perhaps because they have become closely aligned with Russia and China: Brazil, India and South Africa. As well as one for Germany, that unfortunately had a hand in this war, because of former German leaders becoming too aligned with Russian leaders. I'm referring to Gerhard Schrรถder. There is no valid reason for any of these states to have permanent seats. Germany's reform proposals are not going to make the world safer.

I do support removing Russia, because they are obviously not a superpower any longer, they have never been a responsible member of the United Nations, and there is no need for three countries from Europe to have permanent seats. I do support giving Russia's seat to Japan, because Japan truly is one of the top five superpowers of the world in this day and age, they have been a responsible member of the United Nations, and there is a valid need for two countries from Asia to have permanent seats.

I propose that permanent members of the UN Security Council be forced to respect human rights. Any permanent member of the UN Security Council that commits war crimes and gross human rights violations shall forfeit their permanent seat. And those who commit mass atrocities will not be able to run for temporary seats on the UN Security Council either. That's the UN Security Council reform I want, and the only one I am supporting.


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