The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

🇮🇱🇵🇸 A cease-fire will not protect innocent civilians. It would allow the Hamas terrorists to go free and jeopardize the lives of innocent people in Palestine, Israel and the rest of the world. That is not a viable solution.

We do know that Americans are being held hostage by Hamas. Sadly, we can't guarantee the lives of those hostages, but we can guarantee that Hamas never gets their hands on any other Americans ever again. We want to make sure Hamas is not capable of committing these heinous attacks on innocent people - Americans or otherwise. We want to send a clear message to all terrorists of the fate that awaits them if they attack us or our allies.

We believe the best solution is to send the US military over to Gaza to keep the innocent civilians out of harms way, distribute the humanitarian aid, and let Israel finish off Hamas.

We keep reading about the 35,000 lives lost in the conflict. They claim roughly 15,000 are children and about 10,000 are women. The other 10,000 are men. Those 10,000 men are the Hamas militants Israel has confirmed killing. They are not innocent civilians. And based on the numbers Hamas is providing, I'm going to assume that the women were the militants' wives and the children were the militants' children. We've seen videos of the Hamas leader running through the tunnels with his wife and his children with him. They hide with their wives and children. When militants use their own wives and children as human shields there is not much that Israel can do to protect the women and children. There is not much the USA will be able to do to protect them either, but we can go over there and ensure that we are protecting as many innocent lives as we possibly can. With boots on the ground in Gaza, the USA can also verify for the world that Israel is not committing genocide.

I agree with this statement by Senator Coons, “I do think it bears repeating every time we talk about this, that Hamas started this conflict and Hamas, and their conduct, has largely driven the humanitarian crisis that continues in Gaza.” I believe a US presence in Gaza could alleviate the suffering of the innocent civilians in the territory and also make it crystal clear to those who are in doubt that Israel is NOT committing genocide.


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