Henrik Bøgh

I'm Henrik. Father, nerd and goofball at your service... 😊

Capturing - and writing

I've become an avid "jotter" over the years, writing down little notes here and there. But my jotting has at best become incoherent and unstructured. On post-its. In a notebook. In Apple Notes. In loose randomly-placed Word-documents. For the last year, I've tried out a number of ways, to improve my way of doing it. Note-taking is probably as much art as it is science. It is as much about personal preferences, as it is about best practice. Combining both digital and traditional paper-based note...
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Hello (3)

hello world This is actually a new iteration of a number of old posts, which I have merged and updated. Basically I started trying out listed.to a second time, following the March 2022 roadmap update from Standard Notes. Soon, it said, users of Standard Notes would be able to publish from mobile devices, making this a far more relevant blogging platform for me. So right now I'm getting some fresh dirt under the nails. And they delivered 😊. I've been an user of Standard Notes for about 3 ye...
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I previously wrote about how to find playgrounds on OpenStreetMap with a tool called Overpass Turbo. Using Open Street Maps is starting to catch up with me. It still has quite a while to go, to replace Apple Maps for in-car use and Google Maps for bike route planning, but for custom routes it shows itself. Another nice tool I have come across in my "mapping adventure" is uMap. uMap allows one to, create information layers on top of a OpenStreetMap-background map. Such information layers can be p...
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This post is in Danish, as the content is mostly relevant for Danes Et af mine første computer-minder, var da jeg, som knæhøj knejt, spillede et tekst-baseret computerspil på dansk sammen med min far. Spillet hed Hytten, og var - har jeg fundet ud af efter en omgang googling - en dansk oversættelse, af et svensk spil, der hed Stugan originalt eller The Cottage på engelsk. Handlingen var simpel: Man skulle udforske en hytte og området omkring den, og for at være helt ærlig, så kan jeg ikke enga...
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Finding playgrounds

Living in Copenhagen with kids, we are often visiting playgrounds. In almost any weather. Which is nice. It's kind of a local thing. It's rare to come across an empty playground. And on sunny days, they are the true waterholes of the city for many parents :o) The commune of Copenhagen even have a map, of all their playgrounds. However this does not include playgrounds not operated by the commune. Fortunately Open Street Map have a lot of playgrounds mapped. Regardless of who operates them. But ...
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Using nmap to find SSHd

I find myself needing to do this now and then. And always forgetting how to do it, so here it is: $ nmap -p 22 --script=banner Yes. It is that simple :) ...
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