Day 01: Taking pictures as if you were talking to the future


I took this photo because I remembered Gino's photo series of the same thing: cars with covers on them. I guess feeling the urge to take the picture was subconsciously honoring that work. I don't even understand what the work is about. I just know that it was a commitment to always remember to take a picture when you see the same thing, in different places. It was a commitment to compile it. Maybe he only started that way and made sense of it later. It must be something striking, after all I remember it, and took a photo too. 

Because I am trying to take the idea of being a photographer a little more seriously lately, I think a lot about how I can develop a personal style or voice using photos. I know it's something that photographers may struggle with their whole lifetime. I feel late to the game, I only started thinking now. It's especially difficult to start now because so vividly, I feel a certain "drought" of opportunities to shoot because of the pandemic. The fear of getting infected, the anxiety of not affording getting sick, the days and weeks you'll lose to sickness, the loss of taste. These compounding fears. I am stuck in my head thinking about photography though a part of me knows you learn by doing. 

Maybe personal style comes from taking photos more conscientiously. On the one and only instance I traveled abroad for work, I took photos of details in the villa where we stayed for a week. I remember taking photos because I wanted to remember. I wanted the photos to trigger memory if I ever looked back at them. It was like talking to the future.   

And the photos that came out of it were specific to the experience of being there. Stuff you would see every day while there. The following photo, if I were to describe it, it's the view you see when it's break time from the sessions, you come out to the villa's front where people smoke or sometimes eat their snacks, you lie down on the day bed and this is the ceiling you see. 

But will the photos mean anything to someone else? Someone who wasn't there? Maybe this next problem is a matter of communication. A way of communicating meaning. A way of trying to resonate, and pick someone else's brain. A photographer's responsibility ends somewhere, at one point images tend to elude an author's intention. Transferred to the viewer, the archivist, the printer, the teacher, the student. What would be a good photo then? 

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