Day 02: Trying to answer our own questions

We were trying to guess what the immediate future would be like. Would Duterte's daughter win the elections? Would a 12-year Duterte reign be our reality, or will the ouster movement come sooner? Will a military coup take over when Duterte dies, or when he is ousted from position? Would we see each other again next year and still be unvaccinated? Would other countries be able to move on, while we would be one of the last countries, globally, to see an end to the pandemic? 

The saddest thing would be for nothing to happen at all. It's already starting to feel that way. Our stories qualified by the descriptives "pre-pandemic" and "pandemic." Conscious about keeping interactions under 15 minutes, 2 meter distance. Work from home stations, workflows. Relatives dying, offering a prayer. 

It's possible for mass vaccination to take so much longer because of broken systems. What if the Google-form-literate middle class get vaccinated, move on from the pandemic, and forget about the anxiety felt by the silenced mass population? What if the race to the end of the pandemic divides us further? If this anxiety is never fully articulated, how will the tension one day break? What would it sound like? 

We are young activists with committees in PR and volunteer relations, production and recruitment. Vaguely playing disparate parts in the build-up of a mass movement. Working from home. Day-to-day, also constantly grappling, sometimes barely coping, with the collective experience of rage, uncertainty, and impatience of the current time. Then waking up to another day. 

Entry 02 / #100Days 

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