Day 15: I don't really have a sense of what people like anymore

A selection exercise in manufacturing visual connection, in weaving a believable narrative from disparate parts. To a viewer, nothing is out of the normal, it is a plain series of photos. To the author, there is tension in knowing this is not where the photographs belong. They wouldn't have found their way into this order without the author's deliberate hand. 

To a documentary filmmaker, this crosses into the territory of non-traditional. Having workflows that organize footage into dates, locations, persons, and issues. 

The selection was visceral as well as maybe a play on color (particularly green and pink). The scenes are "unattended" - no person looking to the camera, objects appear as they are. 

The central object is the growing plant. Growing unstructured. Filling unruly portions of the image. Taking space in an unexpected manner. Underwater, on a vacant lot, on some seedling bags, along the street. It is growth on various stages. It is a display of various species and each growing differently. 

There could be more of these. 

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