Day 16: Welcome to our home

The house that I grew up in is pretty big. It is bigger than most houses I have been welcomed into. I imagine it must be the size of the apartment complex where I live now if the units were combined. This house was previously an apartment complex after all, owned by my grandparents, my parents then occupants of only one of the units, until they acquired the entire lot. Renovations had made these previous divisions invisible. Its design an expression of my parents' class aspirations. There are several areas and everyone has their own room. It was spacious for six people then and it is a very big house for just two people now. 

I took a lot of pictures while I was there from December 2020 to January 2021. I had not been home for that long since 2014 probably. And it was my first time to be there as an adult, to be aware and engaged in everything that was happening in the house. 

Guess I took these pictures to document that. It felt like having new eyes. But I also took these pictures because I knew they had an audience - members of our family who didn't see what things looked like from here. We have family calls a few times every week, but it is still not the same as living in the same house. 

It is almost time to go back. My guess is a lot of the experience will be the same. Will take pictures anyway, the camera I take with me will be different, more discreet. I hope I can take more photos of places outside the house, maybe walk outside a bit more. Sometimes staying in is the result of not having any other ideas. 

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