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The 100 day challenge? What on earth are you talking about? That seems like a stupid thing to consider. Well - I posted yesterday, and I was reading about it on listed.to...

So I am not going to take the 100 day challenge however i am going to consider the idea of posting something 100 times before I reach my next birthday and this should be considered day 2.

The mere fact I am considering this couples in with the post I did yesterday on the subject of procrastination - a subject I know needs more discussion in behavioural terms.

However I wanted this theme to be about behaviour and habit - therefore I am connected to changing my behaviour in certain areas. I have already written about weight so how about I write about some of the other behavioural areas that interest me?

I am not sure anyone will be impressed however if I can get a few posts out there then I will be content with some progress prior to my next birthday.

So in behavioural terms they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. This is something which seems from my experience that you can maintain it however if or when you break it it does seem hard to get it back. I am sure this is related to subject matter and consistency. If you brush your teeth for years you don't have a probelm getting back to that if you miss a day.

In healthy eating terms I posted about 21 days which became 51 days quite easily and judging by my xmas excess was turned into 100 with a few days off without real concern.


Any day off causes several days of concern or effort which is related to the effects the change in diet has on my body which I will write about further another time.


I will also add a gratitude section where I can. And those who are thinking you are only interested in behavioural (bx) terms this is relevant to behaviour change too. It will all come out at some point.

I would therefore like to recognise the gratitude I have to my wife as we enjoy a few days off together. This is something we very rarely do and in the lockdown we are experiencing is just us together at home without anyone else in the house and without going to work. It is bliss and she is marvellous. I am so happy to finally have some time together - thank you for arranging this and generally being so wonderful.

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