I have suddenly realised I have to blog today and I only have 30 mins left. The day has been long for many reasons however the main pressure I have been under today is to make headway into this Positive Behaviour Support System that I have been lumbered with, in a manner that causes me some concern. I do not mind plans etc. I will however be in a room of 15 people delivering the content of a plan I have created before, all but one of them, has met the person.

This you say is not a problem, however, under normal circumstances, you would be correct. In this particular circumstance, I need to tread very carefully. The timing of this has caused us all concern and due to the emergency, COVID and some timetabling issues I will not have had the full assessment time I normally would have had. And so the plan is going to change very rapidly when we spend more time with this person.

My saving here is that, I will get to do some assessment and mum will be in the training that I am delivering along with one member of staff that I am aware of knows the person well. There will be lots of back covering comments throughout however I have had many pieces of information from many different sources of plans and assessments. It is just very uncomfortable to not have done these assessments myself. There have also been some assessments by an OT and a SaLT however I am yet to be given these. While the information is dense in its content it is specifically not been put together from an overall perspective.

If I was in an advisory troubleshooting role working with a staff team who all knew the person I would not be concerned by this. They do have the information. They are the true source so to speak. I can assist those who have knowledge to create fantastic outcomes hwoever this is not the case here leading me to say the title of this post.

I have titled this in this manner as I am reading The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson and this is one of the most commonly used swear words in the books. GREAT books BTW.

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